Being that it is only Tuesday [Happy Fat Tuesday, btw!], I’m sure many are thinking of this week not moving fast enough. However, when I saw this one-word prompt, I thought about the first time I felt my children kick in the womb.

This is referred to as “quickening”, and it brought on so many emotions for me. With my first pregnancy, I was surprised, excited, and honestly, a bit freaked out! I think the first flutters or kicks were when reality of the pregnancy hit me. It felt like I had JUST found out I was pregnant, and then BAM! KICKING BABY ON BOARD!

My second pregnancy came five years later, and I felt totally prepared…and then the flutters came. I kept putting my husband’s hand to my stomach to verify my sanity. Of course, he felt nothing. I kept feeling it though, and then I started gaslighting myself into thinking that perhaps it was my imagination getting the best of me.

It wasn’t too long after that when he was able to feel them too. Sanity confirmed! 😂

Now, nearly three years later, I find myself remembering the quickenings, the excitement, and the sleepless nights. I miss it all. I would love to experience it again, but I know that, at least for now, I’m not the greatest version of myself to be bringing another child into the world. It makes me sad, but hopeful for the future.

Oh, the power in one simple word: via Daily Prompt: Quicken


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