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If I could paint my visions

I would see my soul ripping my body in half, trying to escape the pain. I would see the world in the palm of my hand. Like a flower, I’d be picking out the bad buds–the Rockefellers, the Goldman Sachs, and all who profit from war–and toss them into the universe. I envision myself taking all of their money and using it to heal the sick, feed the starving, and bring comfort to those in need. After all, they have enough money to solve world hunger at least ten times over. With the bad buds gone, the world could bloom. Nations could be prosperous without fighting each other. Innocent blood wouldn’t be shed for the sake of resources or money. 

What a wonderful world that would be.


3 thoughts on “If I could paint my visions”

  1. I feel your words as pins in my flesh, waking my nerves to the insistence of need. I refer you to my post of early this morning. It contains the lyric of a 1970 song by Don McLean and it’s titled “Orphans of Wealth” . . . How’re you doing?
    Go here now and pass the word, please . . .
    Have a better day and remind yourself that you are worthy of the BEST of EVERYTHING. As the Fairground Attraction (with Edi Niederlander) goes . . . “It’s got to be,e,e,e Perfect!”

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      1. I am good thanks and Cape Town is still here, no thanks to our President. My friend, Ben Trovato, said in a recent post that our President”has the morals of a boomslang” I used to have a pet Boomslang when I was young and I felt that Ben’s toxic slander of the respectable snake quite uncalled for! (The Boomslang – literal translation “Tree Snake” is a highly venomous back-fanged snake of arboreal habits native to Southern Africa. It is quite a calm non-aggressive serpent and bites on humans are rare but almost always fatal ) – Boomslang is a word in the Afrikaans language, one of South Africa’s eleven Official languages! Little wonder we’re in such a state. Excuse the pun . . . 😉 Stay well P

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